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01.12.16 Meeting with European Commissioner Caňete
At its Rome offices and videoconferencing with Milan premises, AEEGSI Board Members and Directors met the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Caňete, who illustrated some aspects concerning the Winter energy package "Clean Energy for All Europeans".
15.09.14 High-level Seminar
Capacity market: what's next?
Rome, 15th September 2014
09.04.14 Meeting with Elcom
At its Rome offices the Authority’s management met a delegation from Elcom, the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission, headed by its president, Carlo Schmid. During the meeting, subjects relating to the ongoing integration of electricity markets with reference to existing interconnection lines, to exemption procedures for merchant lines and to capacity allocation criteria on the various borders were discussed.
01.04.14 Meeting with HERA
At its Rome offices, the Authority’s management met a delegation from HERA, the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency, headed by its president, Tomislav Jureković. During the meeting, which further reinforced the long-standing cooperation between the two regulators within the framework of the Energy Community and MEDREG, the subject of integration of electricity markets and in particular the subject of bringing the Croatian electricity market model into line with the relevant European market were discussed. The discussions were also held with a view to the upcoming establishment of an electricity stock exchange in Croatia that can participate in the European market coupling initiative.
03.01.13 Meeting with ElCom
The board of the Autorità had a meeting in Zuerich with the board of the Federal Electricity Commission ElCom, the Swiss regulator.
During the meeting a joint declaration of interest for the project of a new interconnector between Italy and Switzerland (merchant line Greenconnector) has been signed. The discussions focused on market integration issues, with special reference to the European market coupling initiative and to potential exchanges of balancing energy.
Technical meetings between the offices of the two regulators will be scheduled in the coming months and complemented by a new meeting of the boards in Rome.
10.12.12 Meeting with CRE
The Boards of the French Regulatory Commission of Energy (CRE) and the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG) met on Monday December 10th in Rome, at AEEG's premises and video conferring with Milan and Paris offices. The meeting followed a first one held in Paris last September 17th .
The discussion focused on the latest progresses of the regulatory activity aimed at achieving  an integrated single market, through the development of cross border gas and electricity infrastructures between the two countries. Furthermore, with reference to the electricity sector, market coupling initiatives, to be likely launched in 2014, as well as the exchange of balancing services were dealt with.
Regarding consumer protection, the implementation of support schemes and measures (i.e. bonus) in favour of disadvantaged customers were discussed.

Réunion avec la CRE
Le lundi 10 décembre, auprès du bureau de Rome, les Commissaires de l'Autorité italienne ont rencontré les Commissaires de la Commission de régulation de l'énergie (CRE), en conférence vidéo avec le siège de Milan et le siège de la CRE, à Paris.
Il s'agit d'une deuxième réunion bilatérale, la première ayant eu lieu à Paris, le 17 septembre dernier.
Les thèmes abordés ont concerné surtout les progrès de l'activité de régulation destinée à la réalisation d'un marché unique et intégré, avec le développement des infrastructures d'interconnexion entre le deux pays, pour l'électricité ainsi que pour le gaz et, pour ce qui est du marché de l'électricité, activité destinée à des initiatives de market coupling, à partir du 2014, si possible, et pour l'échange de ressources d'équilibrage.
En ce qui concerne la protection des droits des consommateurs, des formes possibles de tarifs facilités pour les clients indigents (bonus) ont été envisagées lors de la réunion.

12.06.12 Meeting with BNetzA
On Thursday 6th December 2012 the board of the Autorità had a meeting in Berlin with the board of the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) - the German regulator - in the frame of a program of bilateral talks between the two countries.
Many different subjects have been tackled during the meeting, among them the role of the German regulator in the implementation of the National energy strategy (Energiewende).
With reference to the power sector the main topics under discussion have been focused on the market design and the capacity markets in consideration of the huge deployment of renewable energy plants in both countries.
For the gas sector the discussion dealt with the integration of the European markets, with reference also to the transport tariffs in transit countries .
Many similarities have been found in the main problems both countries are facing in the energy regulatory sector, leading to solutions and synergies in the short and medium term.

Am Dienstag, 6. Dezember, hat ein Gipfeltreffen zwischen der italienischen Autorità per l'energia elettrica e il gas und der deutschen Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) im Rahmen eines Programm von bilateralen Gespräche zwischen der zwei Länder in Berlin stattgefunden.
Viele Themen sind beim Treffen behandelt worden. Unter denen ist auch die Rolle analysiert geworden, die die deutsche Regulierungsbehörde bei der Verwirklichung der Energiewende spielen kann.
Bezüglich des Elektrizitätsbereich sind im Hinblick auf der großen Entwicklung der erneuerbaren Energien die Themen der Marktausgestaltung und des Kapazitätsmarkts diskutiert worden.
Was der Gasbereich betrifft, sind die Themen der Integration des europäischen Binnenmarktes, auch in Bezug auf der Transporttarifen in Transitländern , behandelt worden.
Bei der Regulierungsthemen, die in Diskussion im Energiebereich in den zwei Ländern sind, hat man beim Treffen viele Ähnlichkeiten bemerkt, die Lösungen und Synergien kurz- und mittelfristig hervorbringen könnten.

10.26.12 Meeting with Energy DG of the European Commission
The board of the Italian Regulator has met in Brussels the Director-General for Energy of the European Commission, Mr Philip Lowe. Many issues of relevance for the internal energy market have been discussed, with special reference to the Italian system. In particular the main issues at stake were: the capacity adequacy mechanisms for the electricity market; the energy infrastructures with reference to the Southern gas corridor (TAP project), the proposed regulation"Energy infrastructure package" and the necessary coordinated approach toensure a proper assessment of new interconnections; the new entry-exit tariffs recently approved by the Austrian regulator for the national transport network.
10.09.12 Meeting TAP
The board of the Italian Regulator, together with Greek and Albanian Regulators, met in Athens the delegates of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline project (TAP) and some of the companies belonging to the Shah Deniz consortium (BP, Total, Statoil) Azerbaijani gas reservoirs. Purpose of the meeting was to acquire useful informations for the assessment of the request for exemption from third party access by TAP for the pipeline to transport the gas from Azerbaijan to Italy, via Greece and Albania, for which a special procedure of evaluation is in progress.
09.07.12 Meeting with CRE
Monday, September 17th, at the Paris office of the Commission de Régulation de l'Energie (CRE) and video conferencing with the Italian Authority offices in Rome and Milan, the boards of Italian and French Regulator held a meeting, that is part of a program of bilateral talks between the two Countries.
Many topics were discussed during the meeting, including rates for the gas entering in France (Oltingue), an issue that was the subject of a recent decision of CRE about the so-called counter-flow of gas from Southern Europe ( from Italy via Switzerland) to the hub of North-West Europe. Other topics discussed were about the exemption procedures relating to electrical interconnection between Italy and France, the so-called "European infrastructure package" and possible exchanges of resources and cooperation between the two regulators.
It was decided to continue their common analysis about benefits and costs that new gas and electricity infrastructure may result in different countries of the European market, agreeing that this analysis can be carried out having regard to the European perspective of building a single energy market.
The next bilateral meeting AEEG-CRE will be held in Rome, in the first half of December